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Matthew H. Falcotelo


Matt joined ICCP Venture Partners in 2021, after scouting for a Bay Area VC, a London VC, and Rocket Internet’s Global Founders Capital. Prior to venture capital, he worked for 2 years in real estate private equity and management consulting, with a focus on Southeast Asia.

Matt is passionate about FinTech and LogisticsTech; and has seen a fair number of Internet of Things ventures. He is a pleased investor in Freetrade, a European FinTech startup most recently valued at USD 900 million. He has also sourced investments into Tymit and Millie Group. On a daily basis, his favorite VC task is to engage in lively banter with founder teams, debating on how they plan to achieve world domination through their passions.

Matt was the first Fellow from the Philippines to join both IncludedVC and Future VC. He graduated from Ateneo de Manila and London Business School with distinction.